A Yakkha who tried to frighten the Buddha, but who, later, became his disciple (Ud.4-5). When he returned from a certain Yakkha-assembly he found the Buddha seated on his couch, as had already been told to him in the assembly by Satāgira and Hemavata. In anger he tried in various ways to cast out the Buddha, but failed in his efforts and ended by becoming his disciple (UdA.63ff. For a note on this passage see J.P.T.S. 1886, 94ff).

Two explanations are given of his name: aje kalāpetvā bandhanena ajakotthāsena saddhim balim paticchati, no aññathā . . . kecipana ajake viya satte lāpetīti, Ajaka-lāpako ti (UdA.64 ) (those bringing him sacrifices bleat like goats).

Ajakalāpaka-cetiya.-A shrine at Pāvā at which sacrifices were offered to Ajakalāpaka (Ud.4).

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