A peta who lived in Gijjhakūta. He was seen there by Mogallāna, but not by Moggallāna's companion Lakkhana Thera. Later, in answer to a question by Lakkhana Thera, the Buddha revealed the peta's past. He had been a bandit in Kassapa Buddha's time, and having been unintentionally offended by the treasurer Sumangala, who had built a Gandhakuti for Kassapa, he sought to take revenge on him and to make him angry by committing various heinous crimes against him. But the latter showed no wrath, and once, after having given aims to the Buddha, he gave over the merit, so gained, to the bandit. He thereupon repented, but his evil kamma was too great for him to be able to win any special attainment. DhA.iii.60ff.

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