A mountain in North India, on the Upper Ganges. There, for some time, lived the Thera Sambhūta Sānavāsi, and it was there that Yasa Kākandakaputta saw him. The meeting of arahants to discuss what measures should be taken against the Vesālī monks was also held there, and at the meeting were present monks from the Western country and from Avanti-Dakkhināpatha (Vin.ii.298-9).

Moggaliputta lived in Ahogangā all alone for seven years, prior to the Third Council for which he was awaiting the right time (Mhv.v.233; see also Vin. Texts, ii.146, n.1. The Mbv., p.106, says upari Gangāya; see also Sp.i.57). The Mahāvamsa describes it as being "further up the Ganges" (uddham Gangāya).

Moggaliputta Tissa came from Ahogangā to Pātaliputta on a raft. Sp.i.57.

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