Mentioned in the Visuddhi Magga* in reference to the epithet "anuttara" as applicable to the Buddha.

* i.207; also Sp.i.120 and KhA.19. The sutta has not been traced. It has been suggested (Vm.i.207, n.2), that it is the same as the Gārava Sutta.

The Sutta Sangaha (No. 25) gives the name Aggappasāda Sutta to the first Sutta of the fifth Vagga of the Itivuttaka, Tika Nipāta (Itv.89f). The whole Sutta is found in Anguttara (ii.34f.), but the uddāna of the Anguttara calls it Pasāda Sutta.

See Pasāda Sutta (2).

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