1. Aggabodhi.-Son of Bhayasīva, of the Moriya clan. He became the viceroy of Mahānāga. Cv.xli.70, 93.

2. Aggabodhi I.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 568-601), Mahānāga's nephew. For an account of his reign see Cv.xlii.1-39. He is sometimes identified with Bhayasīva's son. See Geiger, Cv., trans.i.64, n.1.

3. Aggabodhi II.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 601-11). Nephew of Aggabodhi I. Also called Khuddaggabodhi or Khuddarāja. Cv.xlii.38f.

4. Aggabodhi III.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 628 and 641), son of Silāmegha-vanna; also called Sirisanghabodhi. He had to flee from the throne several times. Cv.xliv.83-144.

5. Aggabodhi.-Cousin of Dāthopatissa II. (A.D. 650-58), under whom he was Yuvarāja, ruling Dakkhinadesa. Cv.xlv.23.

6. Aggabodhi.-Son of Mahātissa, claiming descent from Okkāka and Sanghasivā. He was independent ruler of Rohana. Cv.xlv.38-48.

7. Aggabodhi IV.-King of Ceylon; also called Sirisanghabodhi; he reigned between A.D. 626 and 641 and died of an incurable disease. Cv.xlvi.1-38.

8. Aggabodhi V.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 711-17), probably the eldest son of Mānavamma. Cv.xlviii.1 and lvii.25; see Geiger, Cv. trans. i.108 n. and 195, n.2.

9. Aggabodhi VI.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 727-66), son of Kassapa, brother of Mahinda I., and, at one time, ruler of Pācīnadesa (Cv.xlviii.32). He became king under the name Silāmegha. Cv.vv.42, 60, 61, 76, 90; see Geiger, Cv. trans. i.114, n.2.

10. Aggabodhi VII.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 766-72), son of Mahinda I. He was first ruler of Dakkhinadesa and, later, joint king with Aggabodhi VI. He married Sanghā, daughter of the latter, and became king on his death. Cv.xlviii.39, 60, 61, 68, 80.

11. Aggabodhi.-Maternal cousin of Sanghā, wife of Aggabodhi VII. When Sanghā, estranged from her husband, joined the nuns at her father's suggestion, he ran away with her, but was later caught, and the family became reconciled. Cv.xlviii.50, 60-1.

12. Aggabodhi VIII.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 801-12), probably brother of Mahinda III. Cv.xlix.43-64; see also Cv. trans. i.126 n.

13. Aggabodhi IX.-King of Ceylon (A.D. 828-31), son of Dappula II. Cv.xlix.83-92.

14. Aggabodhi.-A minister of Sena III., and ruler of Malaya. He built the Nāgasāla-parivena. Cv.liii.36.

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