1. Abhisanda Sutta (3).-Unvarying loyalty to the Buddha, to the Dhamma, to the Sangha and possession of virtues dear to the Ariyan - these are the four floods of merit that bring happiness. S.v.391-2.

2. Abhisanda or Sayhaka Sutta (3).-Same as above; the measure of merit that accrues as a result of these four floods is incalculable, like the waters of the ocean (S.v.399-402).

In the second and third suttas of both these groups the fourth quality is given in (a) as possession of a heart free from stinginess, delighting in self-surrender; in (b) as possession of insight into the rise and fall of things, insight that is Ariyan.

3. Abhisanda Sutta.-The five yields of merit (puññabhisandā) which accrue to a monk because of concentration of mind in various activities. A.iii.51f.

4. Abhisanda Sutta.-The eight yields of merit that a monk can obtain by practising various qualities. A.iv.245f.

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