Son of Mahādāthika and King of Ceylon for nine years and eight months. His younger brother, by whom he was ultimately slain, was Kanirajānu-Tissa, and he had two children, a son Cūlābhaya and a daughter Sīvalī. Ilanāga was his nephew.

āmandagāmani heightened the cone of the Mahā Thūpa and made additions to the Lohapāsāda and the Thūpārāma. He also built the Rajatalena Vihāra and the Mahāgāmendi tank to the south of Anurādhapura, which latter he gave for the use of the Dakkhinavihāra.


He enacted an order that there should be no slaughter of animals in Ceylon and had gourds planted everywhere. To the whole brotherhood of monks in the island he once gave robes and alms-bowls filled with kumbhandaka fruits (pumpkins) and thereafter he was known by the name of āmandagāmanī (āmanda is evidently a synonym of Kumbhandaka).


His brother Kanirajānu-Tissa, having killed him, succeeded to the throne (Mhv.xxxv.1-10; MT.640). āmandagāmanī is also referred to as āmanda and Amandiya.

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