1. Ālisāra.-A district in Ceylon, now Elahera in the Matale district, north-east of Nālanda on the Ambanganga. Once the whole district was given over by Vijayabāhu for the support of the monks of Pulatthipura (Cv.lx.14, and Geiger's note thereon in the Cv.Trs.i.215, n.6). Later the district was the scene of several fights between the forces of Gajabāhu and Parakkamabāhu I. The conquest of ālisāra enabled Parakkamabāhu to capture Pulatthipura.

2. Ālisāra.-A canal in Ceylon, probably leading from the Ambanganga. King Vasabha gave a share of the water of the canal to the MucelaVihāra in Tissavaddhamānaka. Mhv.xxxv.84.

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