A city of the gods, mighty, prosperous and full of devas (D.ii.147, 170; Mil.2).

It was one of the chief cities of Uttarakuru, and a royal residence of Kuvera (D.iii.201; Cv.xxxix.5).

It is probably another name for Alakā.

The name is used as a simile to describe cities of great wealth (E.g., Cv.xxxvii.106; lxxxi.3; MT.411; BuA.55).

In the Culla Vagga (Vin.ii.152) the word is used as an adjective (vihārā ālakamandā honti) to mean crowded with people, and Buddhaghosa explains it by saying "ālakamandā ti ekanganā manussābhikinnā."

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