1. Ākankheyya Sutta.-The sixth sutta of the Majjhima Nikāya, preached at Jetavana.

A monk must conform to the sīla, the pātimokha and the sikkhāpadas, whatever be his yearnings, whether to be beloved of his fellows, to be given robes etc., to gain the four jhānas, to make an end of dukkha or to be possessed of such powers as dibbacakkhu, etc. (M.i.33-6)

This sutta is often mentioned (E.g., DA.i.50; MA.i.13) as an example of a discourse preached by the Buddha of his own accord (attano ajjhāsayen'eva).

2. Ākankkheyya Sutta.-Preached to the monks at Jetavana on the ambitions that should stir a monk's heart. A.v.131-3.

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