1. Ākāsagangā.-The river that flows southward from the Anotatta Lake receives, in its different stages, various names. That part of it which flows sixty leagues through the air is called ākāsagangā (SnA.ii.439; MA.586, etc.). The Buddha's discourse on various topics (pakinnakakathā) is like the downward flow of the ākāsagangā (AA.i.94; DhA.iii.360); so also is the eloquence of clever preachers (E.g., DhA.iv.18; J.ii.65).

The fine clay to be found in the area (thirty yojanas in extent) over which the ākāsagangā falls to earth, is called, on account of its fineness, "butter clay" (navanīta-mattikā). This clay was brought by arahant sāmaneras to be spread over the foundation of the Mahā Thūpa in Anurādhapura (Mhv.xxix.5f). The spot where it is found is called Tintasīsakola. MT.515

2. Ākāsagangā.-A vast channel built by Parakkamabāhu I. to bring water from the Kāragangā to the Parakkamammudda. Cv.lxxix.25.

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