1. Āhuneyya Sutta.-Preached at Jetavana. The six reasons connected with the control of the senses by virtue of which a monk becomes worthy of homage and of gifts. A.iii.279.

2. Āhuneyya Sutta.-Six other qualities connected with the abhiññā which make a monk so worthy. A.iii.280-1.

3. Āhuneyya Sutta.-Two suttas giving eight qualities that make a monk worthy of homage, etc. A.iv.290f.

4. Āhuneyya Sutta.-On nine persons worthy of homage: those who have attained the four Fruits of the Path, those four who are on the way thereto and the Gotrabhū (one who has entered the lineage of the Ariyan). A.iv.373.

5. Āhuneyya Sutta.-On ten persons described differently from the above, worthy of homage, etc. A.v.23.

Āhuneyya Vagga.-The first chapter of the Chakka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. It consists of ten suttas. A.iii.279-88.

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