Curing method for Aids and cancer diseases by yourself


This book introduces one of the most invaluable knowledge of how to possibly cure the two deadly diseases, "AIDS" and "Cancer", by yourself. The discovery of this knowledge is a result of practising the meditation following the Lord Buddha's doctrines. However the book is not intended to encourage anyone to be converted into Buddhism, but sincerely seeks to help all mankind to recover from the suffering of AIDS and cancer illnesses which no known medical means at the present time can truly cure.

            The original manuscript of this book was written in the Thai language by a very highly prestigious monk who has been studying and practising the doctrine (or Dhamma) of Buddhism for more than 15 years[1]. The author, who is familiar with him, has been practising the interesting way he taught about meditation which is somewhat related to his method of curing those two diseases. After a serious discussion about his mysterious knowledge, the author was greatly-encouraged to write a more comprehensive document on this subject. This knowledge will certainly be a great benefit to all mankind. Recently, this method of curing AIDS and cancer diseases has been used and proven to be the most effective method ever known on this planet. The proof of this claim can be observed from the patients recovery using this method by themselves.

            This book has been written in two different languages, Thai and English. The major contents of these two versions are the same. However, in the English version more details have been added to clarify some statements which non-Thai speaking people may not understand, due to differences in background and culture or to conform with colloquial English and its style of writing.

            Several individuals made significant contributions throughout this pub­lica­tion. My colleagues, Mr. Banjong Mianmanus and Mr. Suwat Tangwongchai, provided the assistance and coordination necessary for the completion of this book.

            A note of deep gratitude is extended to Mr. Nikorn Khumyai and Professor Kittisub Ruangwatanasirikul, the major coordinators in Thailand who spent a great deal of their time and effort in the publication process. Their excep­tional support was extremely valuable to the success of this book.

            Finally, a special word of appreciation must go to Savitree Kengskool, my dearest wife, who sacrificed much of her time in editing and also writing a portion of this invaluable book. Her contributions and encouragement contri­buted immeasurably to the completeness of this book.


Dr. Khokiat Kengscool
September 20, 1989
Assistant Professor
Industrial Engineering Department
Florida International University, University Park
Miami, Florida 33199; Tel. (305) 554-3453 and (305)385-1392
September 21, 1989




            The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and cancer are two extremely dangerous diseases that can attack any part of the human body at any time. A great deal of research and experimentation on these diseases has been extensively conducted, based upon various assumptions and available data for many years. Unfortunately, we still do not know nor understand the actual causes of these frightening diseases nor have discovered any effective cure for them. As far as the actual causes of them are unknown, it seems to be impossible that these two deadly illnesses could be absolutely defeated.

            One of the invaluable outcomes which would gain from practising the doctrine (or Dhamma) by following the path of Buddhism is the discovery of the real causes and proper way to cure AIDS and cancer as well as knowing how to prevent one from contracting them. It was discovered that the actual causes of AIDS and cancer diseases are very complex and delicate. Most importantly, they can not be detected by any scientific equipment available at the present time. With the curing method introduced in this book, patients themselves will gain the ability to see, touch, and feel all of the mysterious phenomena occurring in each step. The treatment period will depend upon the stages of illness and the efforts of the individual patient. Each patient will be the one who cures himself/herself, as mentioned in Buddha's sermon "Attadhi Attano Natho" which means "you are the only one who can truly help yourself, no one else can". For example, a patient with the early stages of cancer can be cured by himself/herself within only a few days without having any kind of medical treatment or operation. In the past, more than 35 people at different stages of a variety of cancers have been completely cured by this method.

            The mysterious knowledge which we will discuss in the next chapters is the greatest benefit to the totality of human beings all over the world. This is the main reason that strongly encouraged the author to write this book, with the hope that this invaluable knowledge will be distributed and spread as soon as possible to save millions of human beings' lives who are suffering from these diseases. Simple English has been used as much a possible so that most people can understand the principles of this method and effectively use them, as well as know how to properly protect themselves from the diseases.

            Please note that anyone who is willing to use the method of curing AIDS or cancer described in this book should first have basic knowledge and also have been practising the foundation of proper doctrine of Buddhism. The person who violates this important warning and tries to cure patients using the method described in this book might endanger himself/herself by acquiring the deadly disease without knowing how to properly protect himself/herself.


            The mysterious approach to overcome AIDS and cancer diseases presented here involves the theory of energy in various forms. These forms of energy are very delicate and remain beyond the capability of any scientific equipment to measure or detect. Through the Buddha's meditation approach, it was discovered that the only means that can detect these unknown forms of energy is the human being's mind power, which is the finest and sharpest form of energy of the Universe.

            For the patients who have already recovered from AIDS or cancer by using the method described in this book, please continue practising your Buddha's doctrine with greater effort. Please keep up with your proper practice with your clean heart until you come up to the point where you can see and under­stand the true nature of human beings and know how you can permanently stay away from all human suffering. The final stage where human beings can per­manently stay away from all suffering is called the "Enlightenment" (or Nibbana).

            Finally, we hope that everybody who is interested in this matter will arrive at the stage where his/her mind goes beyond all untruth or delusion and can clearly see the true nature of mankind and Buddha's Dhamma as well. Please be happy and permanently stay away from all kinds of suffering through the rest of your present life and beyond.

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[1]Atchan Ratt, Wat Doi Gung, Mae Sariang, Thailand