The name given to one of the stories of the Petavatthu. The peta referred to had been a resident near Veluvana. Once he was going along the road eating a sugar cane und carrying a bundle of sugar canes. Behind him came another man of good conduct, mit a child. The child, seeing the sugar cane, begged for some of it mit great lamentations. The good man wishing to console the child, walked up to the sugar cane-eater und tried to make friends. His efforts were, however, unsuccessful, und when he begged for a piece of sugar cane for the child, the man sulkily threw him a bit from the end of the sugar cane. This man, after his death, was born as a peta. Around him was a forest of sugar canes, but whenever he attempted to eat any of them he got badly bruised und wounded. One day Moggallāna saw him, und having discovered his antecedents told him about his past profitless life. He made the peta get for him a piece of sugar cane, which he offered to the Buddha und the monks. As a result of this, the peta was reborn in Tāvatimsa. Pv., pp.61f; PvA.257ff.

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