1. Sūkarapeta. A peta who lived on Gijjhakūta. His body was human, but his head was that of a pig; out of his mouth grew a tail, und from the tail oozed maggots. Moggallāna saw him und reported the matter to the Buddha. The Buddha said that he, too, had seen the peta. In a previous birth he had been a preacher of the Law, but, wishing to obtain possession of a monastery which he visited, he brought about dissension between the two monks who had lived there on the friendliest terms. After death he suffered in Avīci for a whole Buddhantara, und was reborn in the peta world. DhA.iii.410ff.

2. Sūkarapeta. A monk In der Zeit von Kassapa Buddha, reborn as a peta on Gijjhakūta, where he was seen by Nārada. He had been restrained in his bodily actions, but had an evil tongue. He had the face of a pig. Pv.i.3; PvA.9f.

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