'determining', defining. In its application to insight meditation, this term occurred first in Pts.M. (I, p. 53); but in a verbal form, as a past participle, already in M.111: tyassa dhammā anupada-vavatthitā honti, "these things (the mental factors) were determined by him (i.e. Sāriputta) successively" (s. Abh. St., p. 54).

In Vis.M. XX, 130, it is said: 'The determining of the truth of suffering is effected with the determining of mind-and-body in the purification of view (s. visuddhi III). The determining of the truth of origination is effected with the discerning of conditions in the purification by transcending doubt (s. visuddhi IV). The determining of the truth of the path is effected by emphasis on the right path in the purification by knowledge and vision of what is path and not-path (s. visuddhi V). Thus the determining of the 3 truths (suffering, origin, path) has been first effected by means of mundane (lokiya, q.v.) knowledge only." -

See sammasana, visuddhi.

For the determining of the 4 physical elements, s. dhātuvavatthāna.

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