Sakka Samyutta. The eleventh section of the Samyutta Nikāya (S.i.216 42). It contains twenty five short discourses connected with Sakka.

1. Sakka Sutta. A Yakkha visits the Buddha at Gijjhakūta and tells him that he should not spend his time teaching others. The Buddha answers that he does it out of sympathy and compassion (S.i.206).

The Commentary adds (SA.i.232) that this Sakka was a Yakkha belonging to Māra's faction. (Mārapakkhiko).

2. Sakka Sutta.  Sakka, king of the devas, visits the Buddha at Gījjhakūta and asks him why only some beings are fully set free in this life. Because of grasping, answers the Buddha. S.iv.101.

3. Sakka Sutta. A series of four conversations which Sakka and his retinue had with Moggallāna, at Jetavana, on various simple topics, such as taking refuge in the Buddha, having unwavering faith in him, etc. S.iv.269ff.

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