The Bodhisatta was once an Udicca-brahmin and later became a leader of ascetics. When the ascetics came to Benares for the rainy season, the king invited their leader to stay behind while the others returned at the end of the rains. One day the Bodhisatta's chief disciple visited him and sat down on a mat by his side, exclaiming: "Oh happiness, what happiness!" The king came to pay his respects to the teacher, but was displeased because the disciple still sat there. The Bodhisatta explained that the disciple had also been a king who had renounced his kingship for the ascetic life.

The story was related in reference to Bhaddiya who, after he had won arahantship, kept on saying "aho sukham, aho sukham," because he realized how full of fear he had been as a layman and how free from fear he was as an arahant. Bhaddiya is identified with the chief disciple of the Bodhisatta. J.i.140-2.

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