1. Sukha. A monk, generally known as Sukha Sāmanera. In his past life he had been Bhattabhatika (q.v.). In his last life he was born in the house of a supporter of Sāriputta. During her pregnancy, his mother gave alms to five hundred monks, with Sāriputta at their head. When he was seven years old, he entered the Order under Sāriputta, on which occasion his parents held a special almsgiving lasting for seven days.

Once, while going with Sāriputta for alms, he noticed several things, and like the novice Pandita (q.v.) asked the Elder numerous questions. Then he expressed a wish to return to the monastery. Sāriputta agreed, and Sukha turned back saying, "Sir, when you bring my food, pray bring me food of one hundred flavours. If you cannot obtain it through your own merit, you can obtain it through mine." So saying, he returned to his cell and meditated on the nature of the body. Sakka's throne was heated, and he sent the Four Regent Gods to keep away all noise from Sukha's cell. He also bade the Sun and Moon stand still. Sukha, helped by this silence, became an anāgāmī.

Meanwhile, Sāriputta had gone to a house where he knew he could get the food desired by Sukha, and, having eaten there, returned with Sukha's portion to the monastery. The Buddha, thinking that Sāriputta's arrival might impede Sukha's attainment of arahantship, appeared near the gate of Sukha's cell and stood guard. As he stood there, the Buddha asked Sāriputta four questions. When the last question was answered, Sukha became an arahant. Thereupon Sāriputta opened the door and gave Sukha his food. Sukha ate it and washed the bowl. The Four Regent God's left their post, Sakka let go the rope of the door of the novice's cell, and the Sun and Moon started once more on their course. Evening at once came on, and the Buddha, on being asked the reason, explained that it was a usual occurrence when they who possess merit engage in meditation. DhA.iii.95ff.; op. the story of Pandita.

2. Sukha. A general of Mānābharana (2). Cv.lxxii.123f.

3. Sukha. A Jīvitapotthakī, one of the generals of Parakkamabāhu I. Cv.lxx.174.

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