1. Pātika. Father of Pātikaputta (q.v.).

2. Pātika. Chief of the Vinayadharas in the time of Padumuttara Buddha. Thag.i.362, 365; but see Ap.i.38.

Pātika Vagga (or Pātiya Vagga). The third and last section of the Dīgha Nikāya, the first sutta of the section being the Pātika Sutta.

Pātika Sutta. The twenty fourth Sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya. The Buddha visits the hermitage of the Paribbājaka Bhaggava at Anupiya and the conversation turns on the Licchavi Sunakkhatta's reason for leaving the Order. Sunakkhatta was dissatisfied because the Buddha would not work mystic wonders for him nor reveal to him the beginnings of things.

Mention is also made of Korakkhattiya, Kandaramasuka and Pātikaputta, whom Sunakkhatta held in great esteem for their austerities, but whose spiritual development was insignificant. The Buddha is shown as holding the practice of miracles not entirely worthy.

The second part of the Sutta, which is a kind of appendix, deals with the beginnings of things. D.iii.1ff.; for a discussion on the Sutta, see Dial.iii.1ff.

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