1. Nanduttara. A brahmin, a former incarnation of Sonuttara. He lived in Kotigāma, a league from Payāga, and offered hospitality to the Buddha and his monks. He saw the miracle performed by Bhaddaji in raising up the sunken palace of Mahāpanāda and showing the Dussa-Thūpa, and expressed the wish to possess similar power to procure relics held by others. Mhv.xxxi.5ff.; cf. MT.560.

2. Nanduttara. Son of Nārada Buddha in his last lay life. When the Buddha preached to him, eighty crores of people realized the Truth. Bu.x.9, 20.

Nanduttarā Therī. She belonged to a brahmin family of Kammāssadamma and entered the Order of the Niganthas. She was a renowned speaker and travelled about India, challenging others to discussion. In the course of her wanderings she met Moggallāna, and was defeated in discussion by him. Acting on his advice, she became a Bhikkhunī, and, soon after, an arahant. Thig.vs.87-91; ThigA.87.

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