A monastic building, once the residence of a monk named Mahādhammakathī. Kassapa II. found the buildings dilapidated, and, during their restoration, he persuaded the Elder to live in a large pāsāda attached to the Maricavatti vihara.

The Elder was proficient in the Abhidhamma, and the king caused the Abhidhamma and the Commentaries to be recited by him. The village of Mahānitthula was given to him for his maintenance (Cv.xliv.149ff.; xlv.2). Nāgasālā was also the residence of Dāthāsiva (Ibid.xlvi.6).

A parivena, called the Nāgasāla parivena, was built by Aggabodhi, ruler of Malaya and minister to the king, in the reign of Sena III., who gave a village for its maintenance (Ibid.,liii.36).

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