A monastery in Rohana, built by Mahānāga, ruler of Mahāgāma and brother of Devānampiyatissa (Mhv.xxii.9). Ilanāga restored it and bestowed land for its maintenance (Ibid.,xxxv.31; MT.469). A story is related of a monk of this vihāra who cut down a nāga tree near the monastery. The devatā living in the tree was annoyed, and announced to the Thera that the king who looked after him would die in seven days. The Thera mentioned this in the palace; seven days passed and, as nothing happened. The king had the Thera's hands and feet cut off (VibhA.407). Near the monastery was a village named Kelakacchagāma (c.l. Kālagacchagāma) (MA.ii.1025). Dappula gave the village of Kevattagambhīra to the vihāra (Cv.x1v.58).

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