1. Kandula.-The state-elephant of Dutthagāminī. He was of the Chaddanta race, and was left by his mother and discovered by a fisherman, Kandula, after whom he was named. Mhv.xxii.62f.

He grew up to be of great strength. When Dutthagāminī's father died, his younger son, Tissa, took possession of the queen-mother and of Kandula, the state-elephant, and fled, but in the battle between the brothers, Kandula shook himself free from Tissa and went over to Dutthagāminī, whom he served to the end of his life. Kandula took a prominent part in the campaign against the Damilas, distinguishing himself particularly in the siege of Vijitapura (Mhv.xxiv.15, 89). In the single combat between Elāra and Dutthagāminī. Kandula attacked Elāra's elephant, Mahāpabbata, and disabled him (Mhv.xxv.5-83). It is said that once the warrior Nandhimitta seized Kandula by his tusks and forced him on to his haunches, and Kandula nursed a grudge against him until Nandhimitta rescued him from being crushed under a gate-tower which fell on him during his attack on Vijitapura. Mhv.xxv.22, 39f.; see also Dpv.xviii.53; Mbv.133.

2. Kandula.-The fisherman who found the elephant Kandula and reported the matter to the king Mhv.xxii.62f.

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