1. Duttha, called Dutthakumāra, king of Benares.-A former birth of Devadatta (J.i.327). His story is given in the Saccankira Jātaka.

2. Duttha.-Also called Dutthakumāra, the son of Kitavāsa. At his birth soothsayers foretold his death from thirst, and Kitavāsa had lakes and ponds dug in various parts of the capital and waterpots placed everywhere. One day Duttha saw a Pacceka Buddha begging for alms and dashed his bowl to the ground. He was seized with thirst, and all the water in the city was dried up. He died, and was reborn in Avīci. J.ii.194f.

3. Duttha.-Son of the king of Benares; a previous birth of the cruel Licchavi prince on whose account the Ekapanna Jātaka was preached. J.i.506.

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