1. Dussīlya or Anāthapindika Sutta.-Anāthapindika, grievously ill, sends for Sāriputta, who visits him with Ananda. Sāriputta reminds Anāthapindika of his virtuous qualities, such as his loyalty to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, his freedom from immorality and the like, from wrong views, aims, etc. Immediately Anāthapindika's pains vanish, he serves the two monks from his own cooking-pot, and they take their leave. Amanda reports the incident to the Buddha, who praises Sāriputta's wisdom. S.v.380ff.

2. Dussīlya or Anāthapindika Sutta.-The same as the first, but here it is Ananda who admonishes and reminds Anāthapindika that he possesses all the qualities of a sotāpanna. S.v.385f.

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