1. Dummedha Jātaka (No.50).-The Bodhisatta was once born as Brahmadatta, king of Benares. Seeing that his subjects were much given to offering sacrifices to the gods in course of which animals were killed and other sins committed, he made proclamation, soon after becoming king, that he had made a vow to offer in sacrifice all those of his subjects who were addicted to the Five Sins and walked upon the ten paths of unrighteousness. His ministers were sent to look for such people, and the proclamation had the desired effect (J.i.259f).

For the introductory story see the Mahākanha Jātaka.

2. Dummedha Jātaka (No.122).-The Bodhisatta was once the state elephant of the Magadha king of Rājagaha. When the king rode in procession, the people had eyes only for the elephant, and the king, in envy, schemed to have the elephant thrown down a precipice. The mahout discovering this, flew on the elephant's back to Benares. The king of Benares welcomed them and, with their help, obtained the sovereignty of all India.

The story was told in reference to Devadatta's envy of people's praise of the Buddha.

Devadatta is identified with the Magadha king, Sāriputta with the king of Benares and Ananda with the mahout. J.i.444f.

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