1. Duccarita Sutta.-The four bad habits of speech - falsehood, slander, bitter speech, idle babble; and the four good habits - truthful speaking, speaking well of others, soft speech and wise speech. A.ii.228.

2. Duccarita Sutta.-Five disadvantages of evil conduct - self-upbraiding, dispraise by the wise, evil reputation, death as a lunatic, unhappy rebirth. A.iii.267.

3. Duccarita Sutta.-A monk once came to the Buddha and asked for a brief teaching. The Buddha asked him to abandon wrong conduct with regard to body, feelings, mind and mind-states, and to cultivate the four satipatthānas. S.v.188.

4. Duccarita Sutta.-Three conditions - wicked conduct in deed, word and thought - and their opposites. A.iii.446.

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