1. Ditthi Sutta.-Bad conduct in deed, word and thought, and wrong views lead to purgatory; their opposites to heaven. A.ii.226.

2. Ditthi Sutta.-The same qualities, as in the above, make one's life barren, and earn for one the censure of the wise; their opposites have the opposite effect. A.ii.228.

3. Ditthi Sutta.-A nun who is wrong in her views and her purpose and rejects the faith goes to purgatory. A.iii.140.

4. Ditthi Sutta.-A monk who possesses dispassionate, benevolent and harmless thinking and right views is assured of salvation. A.ii.76.

5. Ditthi Sutta.-Anāthapindika visits a gathering of confessors of other tenets and confutes them by propounding to them the tenets of the Buddha, so far as they are opposed to their own. A.v.185ff.

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