Contains the latter part of the story of Dīghāyu, son of Dīghīti, who, remembering the advice of his father, fore-bore from killing Brahmadatta when the occasion arose, and later benefited by this action of his (J.iii.211f; cp. Vin.i.342ff; J.iii.487).

It is stated in the Jātaka that the full story is given in the Sanghabhedaka Jātaka. No such story is, however, to be found, unless this is another name for the Kosambī Jātaka.

The story of Dīghīti was related in reference to the quarrelsome monks of Kosambī. Some of the stanzas found in the Jātaka story are repeated in the Upakkilesa Sutta (M.ii.154).

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