1. Dīgha.-A Yakkha chieftain whose help should be sought by followers of the Buddha, when in distress (D.iii.205). The Buddha says (M.i.201f ) that Digha once visited him and spoke to him of the wonderful attainments of Anuruddha, Nandiya and Kimbila, and remarked how fortunate were the Vajjians that these three were dwelling in the Vajji country. Buddhaghosa (MA.i.431) describes Digha as a devarājā and says that his other name was Parajana. His visit to the Buddha was at Gosingasālavana, just before the Buddha left to see Anuruddha and the others.

2. Dīgha.-A thera of Ceylon, and an expert in the Vinaya. Vin.v.3.

3. Dīgha.-A brahmin. He found he could not satisfy other brahmins, even though he gave five bowls of food to each. One day he went to the vihāra, and, in order to test the monks, served them with only one vessel of rice. Thirty monks partook of it and Dīgha was pleased with their great moderation. AA.i.262f.

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