1. Bhava Sutta. A discussion between Sāriputta and Jambukhādaka on "becoming." S.iv.258.

2. Bhava Sutta. On the three kinds of bhava   in the kāma world, the rūpa world, and the arūpa world. S.v.56.

3. Bhava Sutta. There are three kinds of bhava: kāma, rūpa, and arūpa; these can be given up by training in further virtue, further thought, and further insight. A.iii.444.

4. Bhava Sutta. Ananda asks the Buddha to what extent there is "becoming." There will be "becoming" as long as there are worlds of sense, of form, and of formlessness; action is the field, consciousness the seed, and craving the moisture which bring about rebirth in these worlds. A.i.223 f.

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