Abbhuta Sutta.-The Buddha preaches the marvellous and the path leading thereto. S.iv.371.

Abbhuta Dhamma.-Name given to one of the nine divisions (anga) of the Dhamma (Vin.iii.8; M.i.133; A.ii.103; Pug.43; Mil.344, etc.). Buddhaghosa (DA.i.24) defines it as including all the passages treating of wonders, e.g. the four marvellous things described in the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta. D.ii.145.

Abbhuta Dhamma Sutta.- Three Suttas on the marvel that when a Tathāgata preaches the Dhamma, folk give up their usual predispositions and listen to it. (A.ii.131f.)


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